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We help small to medium sized companies in Birmingham develop their online presence into e-commerce websites. If you sell products or provide a service, an e-commerce website could be extremely beneficial to your company. Sell your products to a much larger audience online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our professional and highly trained web designers in Birmingham specialise in the design and development of completely bespoke online shops that increase brand awareness and conversions. Every digital store we create is customised to your brand’s image, personality, and function.

The ability to sell your products at any time of day while managing your online store quickly and easily is the main benefit. Allow your customers to easily browse your products and services from their mobile devices.

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Functional & Stylish E-Commerce Design

One of our top priorities is making sure the online shops we design for Birmingham-based businesses are mobile-friendly and functional. With the rise in mobile usage and purchases, it’s critical that we use a mobile-first approach to web design to ensure that your company’s site is attractive and functional across all platforms.

When building a mobile-first digital store, we make sure it loads quickly on 4G, 5G, and WiFi. As a result, your customers will never experience issues like slow loading speeds. This is why we design clean, responsive user interfaces (UI) so that your users can quickly and easily find your products and services, resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

Our talented designers and developers collaborate with you and the project manager to ensure that the user interface of your webpage is well-designed to meet your company’s needs. This includes everything from making sure your products and services look great to creating a flow that leads customers to the information they need. This ensures that your customers are never far from getting the information they require or making a purchase.

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User Experience (UX) & Encrypted Payments

When designing an e-commerce website, keeping your data and your customers’ data safe, secure, and protected is our top priority. We only use the most cutting-edge technology to ensure that your customers’ payments are safe and secure. We make sure your data is as safe as possible by using SSL certificates with higher levels of validation to secure your website and encrypted payment gateways.

We create your online store with your customers in mind, which is why we include calls to action and payment buttons where appropriate to boost your conversion rate. We create a fantastic user experience by designing an intuitive UI to create an engaging online shop that is easy to navigate.

Expert Tailor Made E-Commerce Design Birmingham

Our e-commerce web designers in Birmingham work hard to stay on top of the latest web design trends and techniques in order to provide you with the best online store possible. We take pride in designing responsive and dynamic designs that not only look great but also perform flawlessly.

To deliver a site that works for your business, we use many various design techniques common to successful e-commerce platforms. All of our techniques are designed to provide a better user experience for your visitors. We employ marketing strategies such as:

  • Hero & Featured products
  • SEO friendly category structure
  • Related Products at the bottom of your product listings.

WooCommerce Platform

When you integrate WooCommerce into your web design, you gain access to an extremely user-friendly system for managing stock, sales, and prices, as well as adding new products and services.

Our online stores can be customised for a variety of businesses, including hair salons, mechanics, and hotels, as well as membership and subscription services. Our designs are more than just digital shops; they’re custom-made to complement the services your company provides. All of our sites are built from the ground up to best serve your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

An E-Commerce site is an online store that allows you to sell or purchase products or services. This could mean a booking system with secure payment options or the selling of tangible products or services.

This depends largely on the brand identity and functionality of a website. Typically, a good online store will communicate the brand’s message and convey noteworthy content. This means that colours, fonts, imagery and the overall look, feel and usability are all factors of a good website.

A website that sells products/services online must be able to respond to requests both functionally and quickly. Regardless of the size of the screen or the platform on which it is displayed. Customers are unlikely to return to your online shop if their journey is difficult due to slow speed and lack of mobile optimisation.

Create An Online Experience & Increase Conversions

Your customers will buy your products or services based on their user experience. Our talented designers recognise this, which is why the E-commerce sites we create are customer-centric and designed to increase engagement with your brand.

These websites allow you to advertise, sell, and open your business to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the added costs of a physical store. As a result, you’ll be able to significantly increase your conversions.

Bespoke Front End Development

We're proud of our ability to create fully customised front end designs that are stylish, functional, and responsive across all devices. From colours and fonts to the overall tone of voice and language your brand is associated with, we make sure to design a site that perfectly matches your brand's identity.

SSL Certificates, Encrypted Payments & Secure Hosting

Our online shops have a higher level of security to ensure that browsing and purchasing products and services are both safe and secure. This aids in the development of customer trust in your brand. We make payments as secure as possible by using the most secure payment gateways available.

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Search Engine Optimisation & High Quality User Experience

Our SEO technicians ensure that your online shop is completely optimised for search engines, allowing you to increase your organic rating on SERPs. This allows the company to reach a larger client base and raise brand value.

Advertise Your Online Store

We have a wide variety of additional services to supplement the digital marketing and promotional efforts. This includes PPC and SEO bundles that aid in the acquisition of new customers for your business. We will use WooCommerce and WordPress’ extensive feature set to fully customise your digital shop.

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If you own a company in Birmingham that will benefit from a fully functional online store, get in touch with our team to learn more. We will assist you in expanding your web reach and increasing your online revenue. To learn more about our e-commerce website design, digital marketing and advertising services.