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As a professional digital advertising agency, we strive to assist Oldbury-based businesses in attaining their business objectives. At low costs, we provide a variety of services ranging from bespoke web design to fully integrated marketing campaigns across many platforms.

To increase brand awareness and exposure to more meaningful customers, we focus on digital advertising that targets the local area surrounding your business. Web designers, copywriters, SEO techs, and paid advertising specialists make up our expert in-house team, ensuring that you always receive a bespoke service. None of our work is outsourced.

Experienced Digital Advertising Services

Using the latest software and techniques we constantly update our skillset to deliver the very best digital marketing packages. We are proud to assist the SME market throughout the Midlands, delivering affordable, high-quality services to businesses in Oldbury.

Website Design

We design tailor-made websites that perfectly fit your brand’s identity. All websites are designed and built for the mobile first generation so that they are functional and responsive on all devices. Slow websites have a much larger customer drop off rate which is why we optimise the website’s design with site speed and security as a priority.

Our team of experienced in-house developers have the ability to create completely custom made aspects of your site. This will include aspects of your site completely designed for making your business more accessible for customers, such as booking systems and the use of e-commerce platforms.

E-Commerce Websites

We have a lot of expertise developing entirely unique online shops as e-commerce experts. This can be customised to your business’s needs, whether it’s an online booking system for hairdressers or car mechanics, or selling your items through a fully functional online store. All of our e-commerce solutions are designed to be simple to use and interact seamlessly with our other services, allowing you to show and advertise your products with us. Streamlining the management of your online business. 

Social Media Marketing

As one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services, social media marketing is an important part of growing brand awareness in a specific area. A great option for businesses in Oldbury to target customers in areas such as Langley Green, Brandhall, Bristnall Fields, Londonderry and much more with specific metrics in place to make sure you’re seen by the right people at the right time.

Our services focus on Facebook as the largest platform with over 2.7 billion active users but we in no way limit our packages there. Our skilled social media marketers utilise the power of Facebook Business Manager to concentrate our efforts on specific demographics most related to your industry. Using Facebook’s unique grouping algorithms, we can determine who is most likely to use your company, thereby optimising your advertising.

Google Ads & PPC

Search4Local are professional, fully approved Google partners. This means that we have access to technology and insight that is not yet available to everyone. Our highly trained advertising campaign managers are able to use this to get the very best from your campaigns.

We are able to target specific keywords and search terms that your customers will be searching for on search engines like Google. Our paid advertising services mean we manage your whole campaign and communicate with you when it comes to optimising it for the best results. This may be changes in budget and the monitoring of keywords to ensure you’re targeting the right people on search engines.

Part of our packages is the regular review processes. We monitor keyword analytics as well as other important metrics to ensure that your budget is being used optimally. From pay per click (PPC) to display advertising, our team can advertise to the Oldbury areas that surround your company.


An essential component to the success of your website on search engines is a well thought out search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. This will increase your exposure to new customers searching for keywords related to your business.

Our expert team of SEO technicians will optimise both the on-page and off-page content of your website to ensure that you have the best chance of ranking higher than your competitors. Our local approach to SEO means that we can pinpoint surrounding areas of interest for your business using in-depth analysis of the area to guide us.

We utilise our skillset to optimise on-page content so that search engines can crawl your site with ease to match your site with meaningful customers more efficiently. This means a comprehensive content strategy that will see your content evolve over time to incorporate more relevant and expert information, helping you increase domain authority in the Oldbury area.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best digital advertising services in the market

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