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A highly successful form of digital advertising is via social media channels. This allows niche targeting through various different advert types. Facebook sponsored adverts are an extremely creative & powerful way to showcase your business due to the large effect social media has on our lives. These ads have a large engagement rate due to their level of creativity, accessibility and ease of use.

Our team of expert social advertising managers offer a comprehensive service that prioritises Facebook. This is due to it being the largest and most used platform with over 2.7 billion active users. We utilise all of its assets too, with over 3 billion users across all of their collective platforms such as Instagram. Our social media advertising services help to increase brand exposure and increase awareness of your company. With that will be an increase of traffic to your website and more conversions. With more traffic to your website, you will ultimately increase the domain authority of your website which in turn will help you rank better organically on SERPs.

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Social Media Advertising Hub - Facebook Business Manager

As the central hub for social media advertising, the Facebook Business Manager is used by our highly qualified experts to manage and create compelling adverts, including the utilisation of the unique targeting system, Facebook’s grouping algorithms to target very specific demographics. This means displaying adverts on your social channels to very specific groups of people to reach your target market. This ensures your budget is spent effectively and efficiently. The service we provide includes specially designed adverts that are created by our experts to create compelling images in order to draw potential customers to your website.

Along with carefully crafted adverts, we continually analyse your advert campaigns to make sure that they are working as best as possible for your business goals. This includes tracking the agreed upon key performance indicators (KPI’s) and monitoring your campaigns to maximise their performance. We use specific reach, impressions, click through rate & conversions metrics to optimise your adverts.

Sponsored Advertising On Facebook

On social media, you can promote your company in a variety of ways. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, there is a level of creative freedom that allows you to confidently portray your brand, such as the use of graphics, images, 3D scrolling, videos, and more.

We can take advantage of the various display advertising options available on Facebook and other social platforms to best represent your products or services. Below is a brief description of the most common types of Facebook ads:

Video Ads

We use the automatic play functionality because the majority of users do not press the play button when watching videos online. Visual cues such as product demonstrations or brief business tours can help videos deliver a more compelling message.

Photo Adverts

The most common type of social media display advertising. They are the simplest and quickest way to communicate your brand’s message while lowering engagement costs.

Carousel Display Ads

Carousel ads are similar to photo display ads in that they show a series of images in one advertisement. These are excellent for introducing a new line of products or services.

Targeting Demographics On Specific Locations

Facebook advertising is one of the most targeted forms of marketing available today. Our expert campaign managers can target audiences in specific locations, such as the area where your company operates, which is a great solution if your company wants to expand into new locations.

As people engage with more relevant content, location-based preferences is one of the most powerful audience definitions. Advertisements that are relevant to your location have a higher engagement rate than those that are not. The Social platforms algorithms are smart enough to understand where other people on the platform define their location. This means that if you create a location-based ad and someone interacts with it, it’s likely to appear in the feeds of that customer’s friends. This includes the ability to target people who have previously interacted with your website or social media pages but have not made a purchase or taken an action. Remarketing and retargeting strategies are used to accomplish this.

This allows you to grow a relevant, location-based customer base in a positive way. Our experts are well-versed in the best practises for maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns and increasing brand awareness through engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of social media advertising varies depending on your target audience, location, ad type, and many other factors. Contact our team to find out more information.

Advertisements on social media have consistently proven to be the most effective source for brand discovery. Many other forms of traditional advertising pale in comparison.

With approximately 38% of the world’s population using social media platforms, it’s becoming more important for businesses to showcase their products and services in a meaningful way.

Social Media Advertising & Facebook Sponsored Strategies

To learn more about how our team of professional social media marketers can help your company gain exposure on digital platforms, contact us. Call us to get started with your social media advertising campaigns.