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The website design services we offer are created by our highly trained team of web designers and developers to be entirely bespoke to your brand and business needs. We custom develop sites for local businesses and industries in Birmingham and the surrounding areas with all of the tools to showcase their products and services. 

Our highly qualified front end web developers are experienced in designing and building custom-made sites that clearly and effectively communicate your brand’s personality. Experts at creating online stores, our designers appreciate that web design has to be functional, responsive & most importantly for you and your customers, stylish. This is why we conduct all of our work through a detailed and meticulous approach.

We consider site speed, security, and hosting when building all of our websites. Slow sites decrease their chances of converting a customer drastically, leading to your digital platform being abandoned. We utilise fast hosting preferences and secure SSL to ensure your site is fast, secure and safe to use for all of your customers.

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Mobile First Website Design

With mobile usage only ever increasing it’s imperative to have a website that is designed and built for the mobile first generation. This ensures a consistent experience across mobile, tablet, desktop and all other devices. We concentrate on developing sites that are responsive & functional on mobile, meaning your site will load faster and operate perfectly across all devices.

Our designers and developers work in conjunction with each other when designing a site in order to maximise its security. Using the latest SSL hosting for encrypted protections. We also factor this into our bespoke e-commerce sites by ensuring all payment gateways are safe and secure for your customers to use.

SSL Certificates & High Level Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of our top priorities when developing a new site which is why we only ever use high security hosting and SSL certificates to encrypt all user data. This helps to prevent identity theft & fraud, giving your customers peace of mind when using your website. Fundamental to e-commerce transactions is having high security payment gateways. We ensure the highest of security measures to secure all paying customers details when they shop on your site. 

We offer fast and secure web hosting to make sure that your site loads perfectly on 4G, 5G and WiFi. SSL certificates and HTTPS proves an encrypted connection between users and server which is an important factor for any site and its ability to rank SERPs. This is because it protects your confidential data and affirms your identity which helps your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy by building trust with both search engines and your customers.

Sitemaps & Search Engine Index Requests

With highly skilled copywriters and search engine technicians we have a high level of understanding when it comes to search engine best practices and keeping up to date with algorithm updates. This means we can establish your website with search engines such as Google & Bing, initiating your company’s online presence. 

Using a flurry of different digital tools at our disposal such as fully optimised sitemaps for search engine bots to carry out indexing to the highest standard.

Website Design That Compliments Your Brand

Using your consultation process with your project manager, we understand and appreciate your brand and it’s identity as much as possible. This is clearly visible in our results as we consistently capture the brand’s identity of the companies we work with. This includes ensuring your brand image translates digitally along with tone of voice and overall style.

As well as tone of voice, we match colours, imagery, written content, logos and much more so you are left with a stylish and functional site. We constantly strive to create sites that achieve your digital business goals through brand awareness. We integrate our other services seamlessly to enhance your ability to advertise your business online such as PPC, social media advertising and quality SEO.

Our highly experienced team are experts in creating industry leading user interfaces (UI) which include clear and practical calls to action that guide customers through the marketing funnel on your website. Creating a user experience (UX) that incorporates style, branding, functionality and responsiveness, means your site will become the headquarters of your digital advertising and marketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By beginning the design process with smaller devices in mind, mobile first design strives to have a more intuitive and ultimately improved experience for consumers. This approach means that your digital platform looks great on the most common devices, which are our smartphones.

SSL certificates are a little piece of code that encrypts internet correspondence. When a web browser contacts your link, it establishes an encrypted link.

The cost of web design varies depending on the functionality required and the amount of pages. Our E-commerce (online shops), for example are more expensive since they require more technical work. We make every effort to keep our costs as low as possible in our business.

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Our expert website design contains a number of features that distinguish our services from the competition. Our staff are more than willing to assist you with any web design or online advertising you might have.